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but like wtf can I buy that my mom wouldn’t support???

like I can’t buy another binder but do I buy more boxers or what??? I can’t decide

no seriously i want suggestions

you guys are not very helpful

Is there anything you’ve asked to buy that she didn’t let you get?


Night Burgers


"In a lot of ways Piper was my Trojan Horse. You’re not going to go into a network and sell a show on really fascinating tales of black women, and Latina women, and old women and criminals. But if you take this white girl, this sort of fish out of water, and you follow her in, you can then expand your world and tell all of those other stories. But it’s a hard sell to just go in and try to sell those stories initially. The girl next door, the cool blonde, is a very easy access point, and it’s relatable for a lot of audiences and a lot of networks looking for a certain demographic. It’s useful."

Jenji Kohan, Orange is the New Black show creator

even the show writers know that piper isnt as interesting

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everybody I know has used heterosexuality as a stepping stone to coming out of the closet as gay or bi, so I think we need to have a serious conversation about whether heterosexuality exists

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an impressionist interpretation of us


220 steps between us and I would have rushed back if you had told me I was your muse.
I watched my daydreams run down the hill like chalk on a rainy night, watched my watery delusions fill the reflecting pool as I felt your name roll off my tongue.

Now my vision is blurring and I am seeing orange coats and unmade beds and music notes and your face as I left. These images shouldn’t run together and I wonder if this is how Monet felt when he refused the operation, seeing things in tragic streaks of feeling that he could not bear to wish away.

On nights like this I should learn to call you a mistake, but instead I just call you.

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do you ever meet someone who’s like the human version of unnecessary comments on a text post

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How do you politely tell someone that you want them naked on top of you

u say please

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